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Rockenfeller & Göbels

Founded by Ute Rockenfeller & Doro Göbels in the 80s, continued by Doro Göbels and team since 1999, we are a photographers’ and directors’ agency based in Germany, representing some of the most innovative creative talents in the international industry.

With the board of our visual artists, photographers, directors and videographers, our strong team of agents is offering portraits, objects and places having soulful creativity as well as lifestyle and dynamic social media imagery.


Rockenfeller & Göbels e.K.Heinrich-Heine-Allee 3840213 DüsseldorfRockenfeller & Göbels Agentur: +49211324907Rockenfeller & Göbels Mobil: +491715066300www.fotografenagentur.degoebels@fotografenagentur.de